The company you keep


For people like me who are a little bit waiting for something to happen:
It'll happenAs stated, Truthbomb courtesy of Danielle LaPorte.

I have adopted am adopting this belief that if you do things that are truly enjoyable, that make you happy to your core, that thrill you and make you warm inside, then everything will fall into its place. In my heart, I believe that focusing on doing what feels good and right is the only way to open the doors to what you want in life.

Full disclosure, I’m not always good at living that. Sometimes I need reminders.

I understand that life can not be all non-stop sunshine and lollipops and I am certainly not shy about working for the things I want, but I’m learning the difference between working for the sake of working and working on a vision.

In the process, I’m also learning the…

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