Daphne du More, More, More! Warning: Themes of a Not So Sexual Nature.

All Quiet On The Wench Front


“What goes on in the twisted, tortuous minds of women would baffle anyone.”  Unknown, Rebecca.

It’s 1945. Daphne Du Maurier is experiencing something of a personal crisis. Her marriage to army officer Tommy Browning has suffered an early glitch thanks to his absence during the war. She’s not taken to motherhood easily – much like her own mother – and is finding it particularly difficult to bond with her daughters. She’s becoming known as a commercial, populist writer, the critical acclaim she longs for continues to elude her and the success of Rebecca is eclipsing her other work. Then she learns that an American author, Edwina MacDonald, is attempting to sue her and everyone else involved in the 1940 film adaptation of (the already arduous) Rebecca, for plagiarism.

En route to the trial in New York, Daphne meets Ellen Doubleday, the wife of her publisher in the states, and…

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