A Gothic Symphony: Therapy Transcript

Satis Writes

STEVE: Hello, Amy. It’s good to see you again. How are you today?

AMY: Fine.

STEVE: That’s good to hear. What’s been going on this week?

AMY: I don’t know. Nothing.


AMY: My dad hates me.

STEVE: Why do you say that?

AMY: ’Cause he does. He’s always yelling at me.

STEVE: Okay. Why does he yell at you?

AMY: I don’t know. ’Cause he’s an asshole.


AMY: He shouted at me about the stupid dishes.

STEVE: What did he say?

AMY: I don’t know. Some shit about money and how he works hard all day.

STEVE: How did that make you feel?

AMY: Angry.

STEVE: What did you say in return?

AMY: I told him mom works too.

STEVE: What did he say about that?

AMY: He went and got drunk. Then he fucked mom.

STEVE: Did that upset you?

AMY: Yeah.


STEVE: What did you…

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